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Sweden Trip 2014/06 22 14 My Concert
My concert went well on Sunday. About 140 people came to hear it. The concert was videotaped, so maybe we can have a viewing party after I return to America.

Below is the identification for two pictures:

Carin & Hans Follin, Barbro & Gösta Andersson, Lars & Elle Lundgren, Lil & Frasse Andersson, Birgitta Åryd & Chris

Linda & Veronica Linda Führ, Margareta Bagge Führ, Margit Jansson Wallström, Axel Hygerth, Karin Jansson Bagge, Olle Wallström, Mona Bagge Hygerth

How we're realted to a few cousins:

Christina Norgren is related to us through Christine Larsson Lind's father. She is 92 & was at my concert in 2012 too.

A big surprise for the evening is to have cousins Kjell & Solveig Barstad from Elverum, Norway come to the concert. They are Steien cousins who drove 4+ hours to come to the concert. Their son & daughter, Bjorn & Audi Barstad are very well-known musicians in Norway from the group Katthult. I have a link for them on my website.

Cousins, Carin & Hans Follin drove over 7 hours one way to come to the concert from Skåne & then drove back home the same night. They are photographed with other cousins from Christine Lind's father's side. Cousin Birgitta also joined us from Rönninge Sweden - a 3+ hour drive.

Margit & Olle joined Karen & her family at the concert too. It was good to see these cousins from Christine Lind's father's side.

Henri, Sven-Åke & Gunvor are cousins form Christine Lind's father's side.

Helena & Anita are cousins from Christine Lind's mother's side.

It was so wonderful to have the support of many cousins for my concert. It was such an honor to be able to perform in concert for everyone.

I'm also sending you photos of the Guldsmedshyttan Church where the concert was held.

There was a announcement notice in the local paper about the concert. The newspaper interviewed us for the concert, so there was a feature article in the paper. I took a photo of the reporter with my friends, Inger, Rune and Hans, who joined me in concert.

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