Chris' Tribute to His Cousin, Spc. Daniel Drevnick

Lest We Forget:  A Tribute to Spc. Daniel Drevnick by Chris Falteisek

As we near Veterans Day, we are so honored that you would join us to recognize our loved ones in the military, both past & present. 

Tonight is a celebration of the lives of our many courageous military personnel who have generously given of their lives to protect each one of us and the freedom we so highly value.

When Mo, Jodi & I were planning the concert, it was our wish to recognize someone in our lives who deeply touched us through their love, character, and military service to our country.  Along with all military personnel, these are the loved ones we pay special tribute to tonight.

On July 16 of this year, my cousin, Specialist Daniel P. Drevnick, was killed during a missile attack in Basra, Iraq.

Red Bull's, 34th Military Police Company of the Minnesota Army National Guard & was serving in “Operation Iraqi Freedom” at the time of his death.

A death in time of war is always sad, but when a young man in his twenties is taken from us, we are confronted, especially in this day & age, with the devastating reality of terrorism.

Dan's dad Ken relayed that Dan had “joined the military in a time of war, knowing that he would be deployed.  He never once complained.  Dan took great pride in his decision and we take great pride in him. We are very proud that he offered his life to protect our freedom and make his country a better place to live.”

Tonight, celebrating Dan's life with us, are his father, Ken Drevnick & his wife, Julie.

We thank you for sharing your son with us, and for coming tonight to honor him.   Know that you will continue to be held in our thoughts & prayers.

The next song Jodi will sing, “Goodbye My Friend,” is lovingly dedicated to Specialist Daniel Drevnick – may his memory be kept alive and may his life story continue to be told. It is a great blessing for us, and for the world, to have so many brave young men and women serve in our military forces, and daily lay down their lives to protect our freedom.

Dan, Thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice of your life.  “Goodbye, my friend.  I know that we will see you again.”          

Thank you.